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Enjoy Your Holidays at a Distance

Thanksgiving is the one of the many holidays we look forward to all year round to spend with family. With the current pandemic that we are going through, it makes it much more difficult to gather around a table with family members and not only share a meal, but also talk about what you’re thankful for. Although it may be challenging, there are still a few ways that you can keep yourself & family safe while celebrating with your loved ones.

Limiting the amount of guests you have over your home is extremely necessary in this case. For those with a large family, this may be difficult because you don’t want to leave anyone out. If possible, try to set up a virtual event so that although you are enjoying meals in different households, you can still communicate and enjoy the holidays from a distance.

Keeping masks and hand sanitizer on deck is a must when having people over your home. Just as you would in a store, you should still wear a mask when entering or inviting loved ones into your home. Try keeping masks at the entrance of your home so when guests arrive, if they don’t have a mask with them, there will be one provided.

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