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Safety Tips For The Cold Weather

As you grow older, you tend to lose body heat faster than when you were younger. This is because older adults have a thinner layer of fat under the skin which is more susceptible to the cold. Being made aware of this, we at Comfort and Care Home Care Services would like to share tips for you or a loved one to use during these times.

  1. Staying indoors – If it isn’t necessary, try to stay indoors during extremely low temperatures.
  2. If it is necessary that you leave your home, make sure to wear multiple layers of clothing.
  3. Along with wearing multiple layers, don’t forget about winter wardrobe essentials–scarf, gloves, hats, boots, etc.
  4. After a snow storm, make sure steps and walkways are clear of any ice.
  5. If you are using a cane, replace the rubber tip before it is worn smooth.
  6. Set indoor temperature to 68 degrees or warmer.


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