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Who We Are

Comfort and Care Home Care Services is here to stand in the gap to relieve the stress of primary caregiving while at the same time, providing an enriching work environment our employees. Within the industry, there was a need for caring in-home care professionals that were invested in the health and well-being of the elderly and disabled community. And while there are many caregiving agencies within the arena, Comfort and Care Home Care Services entered the field from a position of compassion for the most underserved population.

At our core, we are committed to serve. We are committed to serving our clients, especially those who are aged 60 years old and above, as well as the developmentally challenged or disabled community. We approach our mission holistically because our clients and employees are the most valuable assets. And in this vein, we operate from a position of integrity and a dedication to improving the lives of those we serve. Our motto is more than a slogan but more like a rallying cry. Because at Comfort and Care Home Care Services, we take great pride in providing Comfort and Care for your loved ones.

Our Mission

At Comfort and Care Home Care Services, we are committed to the health and well-being of the elderly and disabled community. As a non-medical home care service provider, we work to ensure the safety and security of our client-family. Through our client-focused, knowledge-based, and compassionate efforts, we aim to provide affordable in-home care services at the highest of quality and standards. We carefully assess, recognize, and meet the needs of our clients through the selective assignment of our qualified, trustworthy, and kindhearted personnel. Our purpose is in direct alignment with our greater calling of serving and protecting the elderly community and for that, we are truly grateful.

Our Values

Our mission and vision will be achieved through the application of our core values, which include:

  • Keeping our client’s health, quality of life, and well-being central in the design and delivery of services;
  • Treating and interacting with our clients with respect, dignity, compassion, empathy, honesty, and integrity while recognizing and maintaining the confidentiality of client information;
  • Showing respect for all culture, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, gender, and disability;
  • Recruiting, training, and retaining competent staff;
  • Valuing, supporting, recognizing, and appreciating our staff who are our greatest asset;
  • Nurturing a work environment that encourages personal enjoyment and enhances job satisfaction and performance through recognition and reward;
  • Developing and maintaining positive relationships with the community, including local home care and health care personnel and organizations;
  • Conducting our business in an accountable and responsible manner;
  • Adhering to the professional code of ethics of the home care industry; and,
  • Applying continuous quality improvement measures throughout our agency.

Comfort and Care Home Care Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer and prohibits discrimination of any kind because of color, creed, national origin, sex, religion, handicap, marital status, communicable diseases, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, age (unless age is a factor necessary for the normal operation or achievement objectives), pregnancy (unless the performance of duties puts the client and/or employee at risk) and/or other characteristics protected by law.

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